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  • 02/15/10--17:41: It's only Monday... but
  • The most adorable thing I have seen so far this week (from Being Human's latest episode) Embedded beneath the cut.

    OT3! ♥! Annie not wanting George to go! Mitchell being such a boy telling George about Lucy and George congratulating him! And Annie calling them on it! Annie pointing out that they have a cage to keep George from leaving, hee!

    It's awesome when the shipping is practically spelled out in the show.

    Right... I need a Being Human icon, stat. (A Skins one will have do at the moment - from another adorable moment with S3 Cook and JJ)

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  • 02/17/10--16:07: Band of Brothers
  • Band of Brothers ♥! I can't believe it's taken me so long to finally watch this series! I've had it on my external harddrive since the summer. Now I'm one episode away from the end and I'm almost hesitant to watch it - I don't want it to be over already! And after the pounding Easy Company had over the last few episodes... and them being so close to war's end, I'm not sure I could handle watching another death/horrible injury. Maybe tomorrow I will watch it.

    But I'll be back to flail once I'm finally done and probably picspam too because damn, this series has beautiful cinematography. As well as gripping writing and fantastic characters.

    I know dotfic was just watching it recently... any other fans on the flist? :D Come share the love!

    Sad, dejected, contemplative... oh, boys. *squishes them*

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  • 02/28/10--09:28: OLYMPICS
  • OMG, Olympics! I haven't posted about them because, well, I suck at updating these days but I have been obsessed, staying up to watch them on BBC iplayer, usually until ridiculously late into the early morning. But then again, not a surprise, since I've grown up in a family where when the Olympics are on, Summer OR Winter, they are on 24/7 and conversation revolves around them - case in point, my mom is talking to me on Skype and I can hear the tv on in the background, with the crowds cheering and usually the first thing she says is an update on how Canada is doing.

    They are in my country this year. SADNESS that I can't be there to celebrate in person - until I decided on going to grad school, I was totally going to try to fly out and bum a place to stay in Vancouver with friends, as many of them have done (sooo jealous) . But at least BBC is providing good coverage even if the timezone isn't exactly ideal.

    In the winter olympics, I don't have really have a sport to follow like swimming so I watch 'em all, sometimes pretending I know something about them and sometimes just sitting back and enjoying the fantastic athleticism. Have watched figure-skating, bobsled, skeleton, short-track speed-skating, long-track speed skating, aerials, grand slalom, cross-country, moguls, ski-jumping, curling, hockey... so much fun! I can't believe it's over tonight

    I apologize for the rest of the post (heh, just like the national stereotype) but I'm going to take a moment and squee over Canada's results because WE HAVE BEEN AWESOME. \o/ 13 gold medals (and maybe 14 depending on how the men's hockey game goes) and 25 overall.

    Some of my favourite events...
    - Alexandre Bilodeau for moguls, of course (first Olympic gold on home soil ever!)
    - Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue's ice dance (so beautiful!)
    - Jaysey-Jay Anderson's gold run on snowborad parallel-giant-slalom (4 olympics and never a medal until now!)
    - Gold-silver women's bobsled run! (and one of the women representing my tiny home province!)
    - Men's short track team final, such an exciting race (I have now watched live all the times Canada has won in this event - in 1998 Nagano, 2002 Salt Lake, and now 2010 Vancouver)
    - Women's hockey! (GOLD)
    - Our women athletics in general, who have been rocking these Olympics with more medals ever before and more than the men for the first time (as a result of funding - such a shock, that more funding for women's sports equals better results, right? *rolls eyes at commentators surprise*)

    Now on to the gold medal hockey game tonight and even though the media might make seem that it's the only important event for us Canadians, there's more than a few of us (I'd say) who are extremely happy that with the rest of Games as well. But... of course, it wouldn't hurt if we win gold again tonight. :P

    And I leave you in the shallow end because Olympics is also about the celebration of athletes amazing feats bodies, am I right?

    Hot Canadian Olympians Part One and Part Two

    Oh, and an adorable picspam and video of ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (hearts in eyes guys, seriously. SO CUTE!)

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    One of these days (possibly tomorrow) I am going to make a proper update post but tonight it's going to be another collection of links and other happy-making things.

    1. Last Olympics hurrah - Fantastic, awe-inspiring pictures here at Big Picture Olympics, Part Two (and Part One)

    Oh, and if this picture of Jaysey-Jay Anderson hugging his daughters after winning his medal doesn't melt your heart... well, you have no soul. ;)

    2. I wrote a story last week, for the occasion of dotfic's birthday! It's a Band of Brothers ficlet and so apparently even though I can't write recent semi-RPF (like when it comes to Generation Kill), I have no problem with historical semi-RFF? Heh.

    Title: A Hunter's Moment of Weakness
    Fandom: Band of Brothers
    Characters: Ronald Speirs, Eugene Roe
    Rating: G
    Wordcount 500 words

    Summary: A vignette set post-Bastogne, where Eugene Roe’s powers of observation bring him into close contact with Captain Speirs. (otherwise known as Speirs is badass in his usual disconcerting fashion and Roe is the best at comfort of the platonic sort)

    Growing up, Gene remembers his granpa’s old hunting dogs limping off to lick their wounds after tangling with the wrong hog in the woods.

    3. like a lot of people, I have fallen in love with Florence and the Machine's music and although I love Rabbit Heart and Dog Days are Over, the two songs of her stuck in my head at the moment are Cosmic Love and My Boy Builds Coffins

    Other songs I'm enjoying at the moment

    - Kid Cudi ft MGMT - Pursuit of Happiness
    - Passion Pit - Moths Wings
    - AR Rahman - Roobaro (from the film Rang De Basanti (Paint i Yellow) - as soon as I track down a copy of it - I saw it with an Indian friend - I'm spamming you guys with screencaps because aahjgaaakhj, such a good movie and it's definitely going on my Yuletide list for next year)

    4. And via ignipes - HBO is commissioning a full series of George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones series. Yay, epic, dark fantasy! I read the first three books a long time ago, so I think a reread is in order, plus actually reading A Feast For Crows.

    5. .... erm, I may have started watching The Vampire Diaries. Like I need another show *headdesk* In its defense, it has good female characters, snark about Twilight and a smirky, remorseless vampire played by Ian Somerhalder.

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  • 05/02/10--19:54: EEeeeee! *fannish happiness*
  • Tomorrow when the War Began trailer is now out! Okay, I knew the film was happening but now there's an actual trailer for it and I am SO excited. :D This was one of my all-time favourite book series as a teen and it's the one Yuletide request that I ALWAYS ask for, although it's not been filled as of yet. Hopefully the film coming out will generate more interest in the series.

    For those of you who don't know, "Tomorrow when the War Began" - first book in a seven book YA series that follows a group of Australian teenagers as they return from a camping trip to find Australia invaded and they gradually become a guerilla/resistance group to survive. I've heard it compared as an Australian "Red Dawn" but not having seen that movie, all I'll say is that the series is seriously good - it balances wartime trauma and being a solider with everyday teenage life like first love, sex and complicated friendships really well.

    After seeing the trailer... to be honest, I'm not quite sure about some of the actors but of course, you have to give them a chance to see them in action. Don't mess it up writers/actors/directors of this film!


    Ellie Linton narrates the books and I assume in the film as well

    Corrie, Ellie's best friend

    Corrie with her boyfriend Kevin

    Homer - Ellie's neighbour and guy best friend (and I DEFINITELY approve of this casting)

    Fi, who seems to be a bit sexed-up in the film, compared to the books

    Group, including the other main characters - Kevin, Fi, Lee (♥!), Ellie, Corrie, Robin

    Motocycle riding is serious business


    Things (and people) are getting blown up!

    LEE/ELLIE (*draws hearts around seeing one of fav fictional canon 'ships onscreen*)

    So, the actor doesn't quite fit my version of Lee but he goes a long way to getting me on his side in this picture. :)

    mybabyangel, labellementeuse, other LJ antipodeans on the flist... what kind of reaction/advance press has the trailer received? I know the books were/are pretty popular in your neck of the woods. :)

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  • 05/17/10--10:11: Lists
  • Things that make me happy

    - In approximately 24 hours, I will be finished with the taught section of my masters, and all I'll have left is my dissertation and 3 months to write it

    - Despite ash-clouds and airport closures, my parents have still been able to land in Edinburgh and I should see them in about two hours!

    - The beautiful cinematography and equally beautiful cast of The Pacific. Only up to episode five, but ooh, soo good! In a different way from Band of Brothers though, definitely.

    Things that make me unhappy

    - Less than two weeks of term left and then half my friends (the undergrads) leave. :(

    - My Security and Conflict in Africa exam that I wrote on Saturday. I don't think I even knew what the first question was asking. :/

    - The academic arguments between structure and agency that I need to have memorised for tomorrow

    - Job-seeking and figuring out my life after September is streessssful. I don't wanna be a grown-up yet.

    In conclusion:

    I HEART baby sloths a whole lot as distraction

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    To start this post off correctly: This is building on an extremely important discussion going on about a recent spn_j2_bigbang fic that used the recent Haitian earthquake as a backdrop to a love-story between two white characters, with racist caricatures of Haitians and thoughtlessness about the entire history of Haiti and its people. If this is the first you’ve heard about it: please do go and read this round-up post first before contributing to this discussion. In my mind, this is distinct but connected issue related to it and one that comes second to that first discussion linked above.

    So last night during my ongoing insomnia (seriously, 3:30 am-5 am, lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking, musing, and composing this post in my head, I figured I might as well write it and post it.

    *stretches rusty meta-muscles*

    So, to start off: questions that come to mind or that have been raised:

    - Is it appropriate to use real life tragedy or conflicts in your fanfic?

    - Can we (as fans) create stories referencing or situating themselves in locales or situations where there’s been a history of systematic oppression, natural/humanitarian disaster or conflict without reinforcing this system or continuing to hurt other people? How can we achieve this?

    - Is fanfic a fundamentally inappropriate or unsuitable vehicle to use for discussing these issues?

    To be clear: I want to note the difference between stories like gatorgrrl’s fic and other stories like a Medecins Sans Frontieres post-Haitian earthquake Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto story I’ve just heard about yesterday, or tevere’s Generation Kill AU set in East Timor. In the former case, when you examine the content found in that fic, there’s no excusing the thoughtless racism and privilege. In the latter cases, I think it’s fair to say it’s more of a gray area and one that I’m going to spend the next 3,000 words analyzing.

    (Yeah, if you want to go to the bathroom now, or get a snack, I understand)

    I’ve come to the tentative conclusion that it is possible write about these issues within fandom. Other people may disagree and I acknowledge and understand their view, particularly in light of the ratio of success vs. failure in previous attempts in dealing with these issues. But I’m uneasy with undertones that seem to me to indicate a knee-jerk reaction in some quarters of this discussion in saying that we should never use fanfic as a vehicle to explore these topics. If fandom has used problematic representations relating to sexuality, race, ability, etc in the past and transformed them positively in instances where that mainstream culture can’t or won’t, I fail to understand why conflict or tragedy cannot be transformed in a similar way.

    (As a caveat to this next part: I’ve hesitated whether to posting this paragraph but I think it’s pertinent to understanding how I’m approaching this topic and my views, and my hope is that it's not coming across as an attempt to get the “look – I’m not racist, I understand” pat on the back.)

    I’m currently finishing the last part of a Masters degree in Peace and Conflict Studies. I’ve spent this last year reading and researching genocide, mass killings, rape as a tool of war, media and propaganda as a tool to desensitize a population to the point of committing atrocities against their neighbours, racism and colonial legacies, apathy and “othering” from the “West”, the myriad problems associated with the liberal peace tradition and its efficacy in post-conflict countries… I’ve been on research trips to Israel, Palestinian Territories, Bosnia, and Croatia and spoken with people who have lived through these situations. I’ve been constantly challenged on my assumptions, and prejudices and if I’m honest with myself, I’d say I still have a long way to go at times. I’m only reading/studying/researching these topics and my interaction is always going to be from that privileged outsider position.

    However, I’ve been told throughout my course, that does not negate or invalidate my ability to interact with these sources but it does inform how I should approach it, if I wish not to be another cog in an unequal global system. I’ve been told countless times that I should be engaging with these topics – but in a way that acknowledges where I come from and my own experience and limitations.

    I haven’t been able to participate much in fandom this year but at the same time, I haven’t turned off my fannish brain this year. And in some ways, I’ve turned to fandom for the same things I always have – to flail about hot boys and girls, to enjoy a storyline that push my narrative kink, to talk to fellow fans that understand OMG, that was SO AMAZING, wasn’t it??? *glee* There are days when I want to read about or watch teenage vampires wrestle with modern day life, and con artists pull off impossible hi-jinks. There are days when I want to read about or watch people gleefully blow shit up, backstab each other over petty matters, make stupid choices in love and embarrass themselves so much that I want to crawl under the bed with them and never come out.

    But in some ways, my interaction with fandom has changed: there are days where I also want to read or watch the other aspects of human nature: the heart-wrenching decisions people make in times of conflict, of their desire for revenge, of dealing with grief, of dealing with unfair legacies that they never asked for or wanted. Sometimes these situations are occurring in canon locales where there has been tragedy or conflict, others involve characters who in canon have ties to these areas or direct experiences. One of things that I’ve been wrestling with this year is whether I can, or even if I should, use fic ideas that are related to the knowledge I’ve gained this year.

    I don’t think you should only write what you know. Sometimes fanfic reflects fantasy situations. Sometimes fanfic reflects real life situations. I don’t think you can privilege one over the other and say, no, there are some situations you should never write about or some places you should never set fic in, and indeed in some cases, I think it’s actually contributing to systemic problems by NOT discussing them or by declaring that these places are off-limits for fandom discussion (as racism and sexism have often been in the past), contributing to further marginalization. But in terms of how you engage with what you don’t know and especially in terms of race, ability, gender issues, etc, there’s a responsibility to make sure you’re not failing or perpetrating the cycle. And if you do fail, you need to acknowledge the hurt you’ve caused and make amends.

    But then again, in studying peace and conflict, I’ve come to appreciate the pro-active stance, where you can avoid the conflict before it happens by 1) taking the time to understand what exactly you’re dealing with, 2) acknowledging other views, particular those who are or have been affected by these issues and 3) knowing where you (and your writings/characters) stand in relation to wider context.

    It’s not as simple as never writing about PoC in countries outside of North America or setting our locales only in the global North. Or in thinking that it can never be done right. It’s also not as simple as condemning a fic full of racist assumptions (although that's an important step). I think we can respectfully write about these places and issues in ways that acknowledge agency, universal human experience and that break the mold from a normative narrative to a narrative that furthers understanding. It’s not a simple task to do this, and the stakes are high if you fail, but then again, the best stories, the ones that you carry around for days, in my experience are the ones that acknowledge this risk and succeed despite/because of it.


    As a practical experiment, this last part is basically me testing my conclusion by looking at some of my own recent fic ideas, noting the faily-aspects in them and seeing how I could make them not so faily, looking at what I need to consider if I am going to write a story involving a conflict/disaster narrative. This is also a result of grad school: talk about the theory/lit review and then use case examples to illustrate. Hopefully it works! If people want to talk about their own experiences in addressing this issue, please do! And of course I welcome comments/critiques on any aspects that I may have overlooked.

    1) AU fics

    To be honest, I think this is where you can get into the most trouble. There are so many details because you’re transplanting an entire canon into a conflict or disaster narrative when it may not had any connection before to it and may have had a wildly different tone. To reconnect these strings all together in a coherent, respectful fashion is going to be difficult because it’s easy to forget details that might not have occurred to you because of your privilege.

    Example: I recently watched a documentary called “Shooting Robert King”, (excellent film by the way – definitely recommend) and there’s this one scene (actually, part of it is in the trailer) where the main character immediately reminded me of Ray Person in Generation Kill. And the idea of a War Reporter GK AU jumped into my head.

    Ray Person, a recently graduated photographer, who wants to win a Pulitzer by the age of 30 and is just young and cocky enough to think he’s going to get it by photographing the Balkans conflict. But once there, the situation on the ground isn’t exactly what he pictured…

    How it could go wrong: Easily. Not bothering to know jack-shit about the conflict/humanitarian disaster you’re sending your characters into, or its effect on the local population. For example: in this War Reporter AU, say I set it in Sarajevo in 1993 and I think it’s important to have a local fixer feature prominently in the narrative, which all foreign reporters typically have while in a war zone. Do I introduce an original character here? What is his or her role in this story? Are they a fully-rounded character, or is their only purpose in the story to be a reactant to the main characters? Alternatively, what if I made Brad the fixer? Then not considering the wider context of who you’re changing in the AU becomes the issue here. Is there a difference between Brad, the Bosniak (nominally Muslim) fixer vs. knowing that Brad is canonically Jewish, and knowing from research that Sarajevo has a small Jewish community, most of whom stayed during the entire siege of the city? But even that has layers to look at: because Brad being Jewish vs. Brad being a Bosniak Muslim is going to inform how I write his character’s motivations. What kind of assumptions or failings am I making if Poke is the fixer? His ethnic background is Hispanic/Native American, am I erasing his identity by assigning one from the Balkans – by choosing a CoC to take on the role of a local instead of another canon white character, what am I indicating here? Is there a way to justify this decision for the narrative?

    How it could go right: Asking myself: Is it too soon to use this situation? (hint: if it hasn’t been out of the news cycle yet, it very likely is not the conflict to use.) Asking myself: why have I chosen this conflict/locale? Do I have particular knowledge of this area? Do I have people who have first-hand knowledge who can direct me/advise me f I’m getting things wrong? Also: Research, research, research. It’s easy to bypass endless links of information, and choose instead to go to Wikipedia to get a basic background and then start writing my masterpiece. Avoid this, do research and it’ll save me from embarrassing and potentially faily mistakes.

    Where it can go right: See: tevere’s fic Sixteen days in September.

    2) Canon situated in a conflict/developing country situation

    - One of my requests for Yuletide these last three years has been a Blood Diamond fic. Not an unproblematic source, by any means.

    BACKSTORY. FUTURE-FIC. Basically, I'd love anything that extends the storyline of the movie forward or back. In particular, I want to know more about Danny Archer and Maddy Bowen, more than the glimpses we saw in the film. Danny/Maddy is a plus if you move forward in time. I am also totally open to a re-interpretation of the ending in regards to Danny surviving. ;) The only stories I've read about Blood Diamond have been on, so I'm sure anything you'll come up will be miles better than then Danny/Mary Sue fic I've found so far.

    I’m cringing a little at this now, not because it’s a completely horrible prompt but there are many, many pitfalls where a story based around it could go wrong.

    How it could go wrong: By being solely the story of Maddie/Danny’s twu luv, and their happily-ever after. Using the trauma of what they’ve been through in Sierra Leone as hurt/comfort while ignoring the wide socio-political implications (which the film itself highlights) of the region and their own actions there. Completely ignoring Solomon and his family’s part of in their story. Using Solomon only as tragic figure or stand-in for the entire conflict.

    How it could go right: By not ignoring Danny’s background as a white Zimbabwean and the racist legacy it contains. By taking the time to examine Maddie’s motivations for coming to Africa in the first place. By integrating Solomon into the story without using racist stereotypes and making sure he has agency of his own. By furthering the relationship between Solomon, Danny and Maddie. By not backgrounding the entirety of the conflict in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast or ignoring the role external intervention/outside powers played their part in contributing to the conflict. By having Maddie and Danny interact with local actors who don’t necessarily see them as altruistic heroes.

    Generation Kill is another good example where I think it’s important to look at the overall picture when considering writing in the fandom. To be honest a lot of GK fic, especially Brad/Nate stories set in Iraq that background a lot of the dynamics found in the mini-series in favour of teh porn don’t interest me and strike me as slightly problematic. However, those are my own views and as long as these stories don’t have out and out racist/colonial bullshit being advanced in the story, people are free to write what they like, and I’m free to not read them.*

    *On that note of Generation Kill, I’m also going to take a moment to mourn the lack of Tony “Poke” Espera fics. I get that he might be a bit difficult to write but he’s an awesome character! Also, there used to be a few Walt/Gabe stories and those seem to have been completely overtaken by Ray/Walt. Yes, Brad, Nate, Ray and Walt are awesome (white) characters BUT. Where’s the love for Gabe, Espera, Rudy, and other CoC in the cast? Are they not equally awesome?

    3) Characters with problematic back-stories

    Specifically, I’m thinking of the television spy genre in this case but it can apply to others, definitely. I adore Burn Notice as a frothy eye-candy and escape show. I enjoy Fi as a character but there’s been always something about her backstory that’s bothered me. It wasn’t until a discussion in class one day where we discussed the IRA and a friend from N. Ireland made the point that he’s sick of how the IRA has been treated in pop culture these last few years, saying that members of the IRA, real or fictional, have been legitimized in fiction lately and assigned a narrative that plays down/reduces the harm they’ve caused in the conflict in the region.

    See, in Burn Notice, Fiona is ex-IRA, a bomb-maker and weapons expert. Now, that doesn’t automatically make her an irredeemable, evil character, not in the least, and there’s been enough characterization that she’s not presented as Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes either and she’s often presented as amoral compared to Michael and Sam. Still, she’s presented as being on the “good side”. But, if you know anything about the history of the IRA and how they used explosives/bombs in their campaigns, you might blanch a bit at Fi’s cavalier attitude to explosives and wonder about how she used to use her expertise in the past. As the show is on USA, set in Miami and frequently doesn’t really register on the ‘reality scale’, Fi’s IRA background is really just skimmed over. Now, just because it’s skimmed over on the show, doesn’t mean that you can’t explore it in fanfic. I think you can explore similar stuff with Michael’s background too. And Sam’s, for that matter.

    Example: I have a half-started fic called “Five Wounds that almost Killed Michael Westen and One that Didn’t”, which is backstory for Michael and has him in Afghanistan, West Africa and Colombia. I have a ficlet about Fi, before she met Michael, dealing with her motivation for joining the IRA and why she was drawn to explosives. There’s any small ways these fics could go off the rails but again research and appropriate gravity to the subject matter should avoid most of them.

    Leverage Not so bad as BN but there’s been times when there are throw-away mentions about Eliot’s background and I’m like… ooh, I want that story about how he was in Serbia. Hardison mentions hinky times in Pakistan – Eliot was there in Pakistan, what was he doing? Yes, in the context of the show perhaps it darkens the tone to go into that much detail, but again, it’s canonically part of the character’s background and fanfic is meant for this kind of background story, y/n?

    Oh, here, I also want to note that we as fans don't have to go into a character's background in every story and make it heavy but if we choose to do so: know what you're talking about.

    NBC’s Chuck is actually where I’ve just gone: Oh. Oh no. They didn’t. They did. *cringe* In terms of Casey’s background, where he’s been in charge of/participated in a few Central and South American coups for the NSA. Now, you can write a Chuck fic in a darker vein that addresses these issues but for me… I’m not sure I could or would want to do that. So… sometimes I pretend it’s in an alternate reality where there was a lot less horrible fallout from those scenarios.

    4) Using sci-fi/fantasy milieus to create parallels to real scenarios

    Possibly the most popular option in terms of addressing serious issues, with mainstream fantasy/sci-fi ie. Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Heroes, True Blood, etc all attempting to do this, with varying degrees of success. There have been many successful fanfics that have done this as well. Still, pitfalls to avoid: cheap tactics like having the characters talk about the issue from a racist/clueless POV – looking at you, True Blood. Also, if you’re bringing up issues such as genocide, it’s important that your fic not treat them flippantly and your characters understand the gravity of the situation. Genocide is still genocide, even when it is robots (Cylons) committing it against humans, which is why the tone of BSG isn’t quite the same as… Stargate Atlantis, for instance.

    Example: Last summer, I was bingeing on new Star Trek fics. I was also starting my course’s reading list, reading about the history of UN peacekeeping, and the successive generations of conflict resolution, and how it changed and evolved over the years. Sometime in July, between reading about Cold War politics affecting peacekeeping missions, and the failure of UN troops in Srebenica and Rwanda, I made the connection of: “Oh, so Star Trek is nominally an allegory for the Cold War. And the Federation could equal the fictional equivalent of the UN." Given that the most recent film actually involves a genocide, I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to put the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise in a situation where they have to respond to another situation like it in terms of acting to prevent the murder of millions of people. But what if they were constrained this time by politics, such as a truce between the Klingons and the Federation? How would Kirk, Spock, Uhura and the rest of the crew react? Would they break the truce, or do they follow the rules of the Federation? I have about 7,000 words of that story, beta-read and everything but I’ve set it aside for quite a few months and re-reading it now… okay, I completely forgot to incorporate any POV in my fic from the people/species who are about to be wiped out. Yikes, MAJOR FAIL for what I want to say with this fic. *facepalm* Although because this fic is set in a fictional universe, I could probably get away with not writing their POV without anyone calling me on it. But that’s not the point, anyway… so, need to fix that aspect if I post this fic.

    Frig, this went LONG. Um, thanks for making it this far though. Thoughts, comments, criticisms?

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  • 07/30/10--16:42: Grad school = tv-watching
  • Status of dissertation: 3,000/15,000 words
    Days until dissertation is due: 27

    Hours of television watched in the past two days: 8 1/2 hrs, or the whole first season of Community

    Shows I have started watched since September: 15
    - Burn Notice
    - Sons of Anarchy
    - White Collar
    - Being Human
    - Weeds
    - Band of Brothers
    - The Pacific
    - Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures
    - Spartacus
    - Justified
    - Dance Academy (Australian teen show)
    - Glee (but only half the season)
    - Vampire Diaries
    - Community
    - Misfits

    Continued shows: 8
    - Skins, Merlin, Leverage, Doctor Who, Chuck, True Blood, Greek, Gossip Girl

    Conclusion: Not sure whether to feel accomplished or worried I'm addicted

    Also: 27 days to figure the next step after my masters degree :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/

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  • 08/04/10--20:23: \o/
  • 4 a.m. and I've just sent my supervisor the draft for my lit review/theory portion of my dissertation.


    As a reward I'm going to sleep go look at posts of Tom Hardy and his camwhore days. He's embarrassingly captivating. *chinhands*

    Yeah, my dignity is around here somewhere... but whatevs, more than a third of the way done!!

    0 0

    Happy Easter to those who celebrate! And to everyone else- happy Sunday/Monday! It's been an absolutely beautiful 20+ degree weather this week in London (heh, back in Canada they had snow) and I spent most of this afternoon on a rooftop garden after being stuffed full of delicious food. Also, way too many chocolate eggs.

    I was going to post a couple of pretty London photos... and just realised that I have none, as my camera broke last week and I haven't managed to get the photos off the memory card yet. So, in the meantime - how about a London photo plus a few other pretty pictures?

    View from Waterloo Bridge

    Outside Gazi Husrev-Beg Mosque, Sarajevo

    Butmir, outskirts of Sarajevo

    Latin Bridge (site of Archduke Ferndinand's assassination), Sarajevo

    Dingle Pensinsula, Ireland

    Sign on the Aran Islands, Ireland

    And to finish, an appropriately Easter type of picture - although taken in November. Juno Beach, Normandy coast, France.

    Trying to get better at this updating thing... but it's been a crazy sort of month, starting a new part-time job and a new internship as well, am hoping this is one of the last times I have to work for free... but we'll see. Other stuff happened as well, but nothing I feel like going into at the moment.

    It's past midnight and while I have tomorrow off (thanks to the UK's amazing bank holidays, of which I have another 2 coming up in the next couple of weeks week, with the Royal Wedding and May Day), I feel like going to bed now, because I know that means that when I wake up, the new Game of Thrones episode will *cough* magically make its way here.

    I found the books for a few pounds at a charity shop so I'm now re-reading ASOFAI, and an about halfway through Game of Thrones now, and I've realised it's actually been about 10 years since I first read the series. Tangentially related- I am now 24. Odd in a way, I don't really feel like I should be in my mid-20s but I am. But getting back to Game of Thrones... I think I am enjoying the series a lot more this time around than when I was 14. And the tv series has definitely peaked my interest, although time will tell if it will actually turn into anything productive. Hopefully will talk about it a bit on my journal though.

    Fandom-wise, I also watched the new Doctor Who this morning! And found it very exciting, although thoroughly confusing in the paradox-causing time-travelling sense. And that was an evil cliff-hanger to end on. :/

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